The Vaginal Vitamin was specifically designed to promote a "Healthy Bacterial Balance" in the vagina and urinary tract.  This vitamin assists the body in promoting a healthy balance of lactobacilli, the "GOOD" bacteria.

When the healthy bacterial population is eliminated, typically due to infection, the use of antibiotics, spermacides, age or stress, there is a shift in the vagina's bacterial balance.  Yeast and other undesirable bacteria, "BAD" bacteria can overgrow in the vagina and predominate. The result can be irritation, itching, odor or discharge.  The Vaginal Vitamin helps your body maintain the proper pH and thus supports the growth of "Good" bacteria. 

One Capsule a day!                                            

  • Probiotic Lactobacilli helps establish the acidic environment the vagina needs to remain healthy
  • Contains helpful bacteria (probiotic lactobacilli)
  • Assists in decreasing unwanted vaginal bacteria
  • Assists in lowering vaginal pH
  • Improves feminine health by supporting the growth of "Good" bacteria."

  Developed by a Gynecologist, try Vaginal Vitamin today!

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